NEC Capital Solutions (the“ Company”) was established in November 1978 as a specialist in sales financing for NEC Corporation (NEC), a leading Japanese electronics enterprise. Since then, we have mostly been operating in leasing, steadily increasing the lease asset, and were listed on TSE in 2005.

Changes in 2008 to lease accounting standards and lease taxation removed the “off-balance-sheet treatment” and “deductibility” merits of leasing. Additionally, in 2009, when domestic capital investment demand declined significantly in the economic crisis after the Lehman collapse, the leasing market retracted sharply. Our business turnaround strategy in the face of such conditions was to break away from a leasing-focused business structure and develop financial services. At that time we also began cooperating in business revitalization and advisory with RISA Partners Inc., now a 100%-owned subsidiary with a growing financial services portfolio.

Our Business

We have four business segments: the Leasing and Installment Sales Business, the Finance Business, the RISA Business, and Other Business.

Leasing and Installment Sales Business
This segment consists of leases and installment sales, our core businesses.
Finance Business
This segment, consisting of business loans and factoring services, plays a role in linking customers to our mainstay lease business.
RISA Business
This segment consists of the investment and financing business, the real estate business and the advisory services business. In the corporate, claims and asset business field, we offer the three functions of investment, financing and advisory.
Other Business
Revenues of other business include fees for structured finance, revenues of off-lease equipment in the leasing business, revenues from the cancelation of lease contracts, and the collection of maintenance fees and accounts receivable management on behalf of customers to meet their needs for operational efficiency and outsourcing.
PIT managed services that integrate ICT and financial services are also included in this segment.
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