About Us

Strength in ICT products

One of our company's strengths is the vast experience handling ICT equipment we have gained since being established for the purpose of promoting sales of NEC products.

We develop peripheral businesses relating to ICT products, such as our subsidiary Reboot Technology Services and Capitech Limited, which recycles and sells ICT equipment after product leases have expired, and performs services relating to kitting of ICT products.
Based on these strengths, we have released our "PIT managed Service" that focuses on lifecycle management of ICT products, and rather than owning ICT products, takes a unique approach that provides specialized services for operating of ICT equipment.

Image of PIT managed services

The pace of technological innovation in ICT equipment is rapid, and the desire to update to the latest models produces higher turnover compared to other equipment. Among the many requests we receive from customers are "we want to use ICT equipment without owning it (accounting for it as an expense)" and "we want to lower the cost of owning ICT equipment." In response, we provide our "N-rental" service, which provides ICT equipment for a relatively short 3-year period. We set a residual value for the point in time when the contract ends, and base the rental fee on the equipment price after subtracting that residual value, allowing our customers to use the latest ICT equipment at a cheap rental fee, and creating a unique service that is a strength in dealings with ICT products.

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