About Us

Environmental Initiatives

We were the pioneer in the industry to acquire ISO 14001 certification in 1999, and have continued to pursue environmental management. In addition, we were among the first to recognize that leasing is a recycling-based business, and have helped to raise customers' and society's environmental benefit (value) and their environmental awareness overall. In 2011 we established a new environmental philosophy and environmental policy, and are conducting increasingly sophisticated environmental activities.

Environmental Philosophy

We aspire to contribute to the sustainable development of society through the integration of ICT and environmental finance. We will utilize the strengths specific to the NEC Group, which offers advanced environmental ICT technology and services, and add the new concept of integrating ICT and environmental finance to our previous concept of improving customers' and society's environmental benefit (value). This will take our activities thus far to the next level and enable us to pursue solutions focused more tightly on social issues related to sustainable development such as low carbon, energy and social infrastructure.

Environmental Policy

We have established an environmental policy that will serve as action guidelines enabling us to concretely realize our environmental philosophy. We engage in the five priority initiatives of "support for expansion of new energy and energy conservation," "pursuit of 3Rs for products with expired leases," "activities to reduce our environmental burden," "creation of human resources with strong environmental awareness" and "environment-oriented financing" in order to achieve the goals of our environmental policy --"creation of a low-carbon society," "development of a recycling-based society" and "biodiversity conservation".

  1. Accelerate development of a low-carbon, recycling-based society by combining cutting-edge ICT technology designed to promote new energy and energy conservation with our unique services, such as eco-leases and eco-finance.
  2. Strive to reduce the environmental impact of our business activities and pursue activities related to biodiversity conservation.
  3. Comply with environmental laws and regulations and other requirements to which the Company has agreed.
  4. Act in line with environmental objectives and goals based on these policies and strive for continuous improvements to the environmental management system through a regular review by the Environmental Management Committee.
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