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Leasing and Installment Sales Business

In our leasing business, NEC Capital Solutions purchases equipment on behalf of the user according to their equipment investment needs and offers them long-term leases. Taking advantage of leases allows customers to cut down on the costs and labor involved in lining up funds and maintaining ownership for capital investment, while at the same time improving business efficiency.
Because leased products always come back, the very act of leasing itself can beconsidered to contribute to recycling resources. We help make a resource recycling-based society by applying the principle of the three Rs to 98% of equipment on which leases have ended.
Through our installment sales business, NEC Capital Solutions purchases equipment instead of the user, letting them purchase the equipment from us in installments to satisfy users' financing and equipment ownership needs when it comes to capital investment. We collect installment payments towards purchase prices and interest.
Although we provide leases for various kinds of equipment, about 70% of the equipment we lease is ICT equipment—a fact that is due to our focus as a finance company on promoting NEC products. Nearly two-thirds of our contracts are with NEC or NEC distributors. For NEC products, we offer the kinds of leases distinctive to manufacturer finance companies: leases that combine NEC products and services, which include maintenance leases and vendor financing programs. We also stand out for the fact that more than half of our customers are government agencies and municipalities.

The types of operating assets we handle have grown increasingly diversified in recent years. The things we now offer leases for include solar panels and other renewable energy-related equipment, buildings, aircraft, and sea vessels.

Finance Business

NEC Capital Solutions' finance business consists mainly of business loans and factoring. These activities create opportunities to introduce new customers to our main business, leasing. Our other businesses include investing in securities.
Our business loans business consists primarily of offering various types of receivables liquidation programs as well as creating and providing structured financing schemes for capital investment to NEC Group companies and their customers.
Our factoring business seeks to quickly collect on accounts receivable and decrease the burden on companies for securing funding.

RISA Business

RISA Partners, Inc. ("RISA") became a subsidiary of NEC Capital Solutions in 2010 as part of efforts to diversify our financial services.
Since then, the company has offered solutions to management issues our customers have through both financing support in the form of investment and loans, as well as advice from experts in primarily finance and real estate in the form of advisory services (see diagram below).
Being able to handle a wide range of problems as a single company —whether that means supporting business growth, improving capital efficiency, making loan assets sound, or making effective use of real estate—is a strength unique to RISA and its large team of professionals specialized in various fields.
RISA demonstrates particular excellence in boosting business at local companies by taking advantage of its network of over 170 regional financial institutions.
Utilizing this network, the company has also established the Tourism Revitalization Mother Fund.

Other Business

In addition to posting a range of fee revenues that include fees for structured finance, this segment includes used equipment sales that involve the sale of properties for which leases held by the Company as part of our leasing business were completed or canceled, the collection of maintenance fees, and services where the Company acts as an agent in addressing customer's needs regarding outsourcing and making operations more efficient with respect to primarily customers' loan asset management.
Also included in this segment are fee revenues from ICT related business as well as PFI business, health-care business, and renewable energy business which are new initiatives undertaken to ascertain new demand and build new businesses in line with our CSV management.

ICT related business

Using a BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) format cloud service, we provide support for optimizing the operation and management of customers' ICT assets at every step of the ICT lifecycle, from deployment to usage to disposal.
Through our subsidiary Reboot Technology Services and Capitech Limited, we are also engaged in the recycling of ICT equipment for which leasing contracts have been completed. This company also handles used sales using the Company's own sales channels in Japan and overseas.

PFI business

PFIs (Private Finance Initiatives) are public-private collaborative projects that make use of private sector funding to secure social capital, which allows for building, managing, and operating public facilities by utilizing private sector funding, management skills, and technical capabilities. As there is generally a need for structuring of fund procurement through project financing, specialized personnel build the optimal structures for the business, support fund procurement at low interest rate, create proposals for government agencies, and otherwise provide services on behalf of the business operator.

Health-care business

This business primarily involves health-care REITs (real estate investment trusts), which are generally invested into health-care facilities using funding procured from investors.

Renewable energy business

In addition to solar power generation business through SPCs (special purpose companies), this segment handles the operation of regional PPSs and the purchasing and sale of power.