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“Innovative Venture Fund,” for investing in venture companies

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The aims of the Innovative Venture Fund are to be a venture fund that contributes to improving Japan’s industrial competitiveness, in both domestic and international fields of technology with future prospects and technical capabilities, and to establish, discover and nurture technology venture companies oriented towards changing market paradigms through groundbreaking innovation or breakthroughs on the world market.

Characteristics of the Innovative Venture Fund

An amalgam of the capacity of the SMBC Group to deliver financial solutions and the NEC Group’s technical proficiency

  • The fund is jointly managed by the Innovative Venture Fund Business Department of NEC Capital Solutions Limited and the Investments Department at SMBC Venture Capital Co., Ltd.
  • Support for the growth of the target investment companies includes the discerning judgment regarding disruptive technologies by the NEC Central Research Laboratories, and the activities based upon the in-depth knowledge and business experiences of the former NEC staff “old boys” network.
  • SMBC Group offices around the country find target investment companies to introduce to the Innovative Venture Fund; among SMBC’s affiliates there is also SMBC Venture Capital, which discovers investment projects through a network cultivated over many years.
  • This joint operation by the NEC Group and SMBC is the first example in Japan of a business corporation and a financial institution seeking funds from the Organization for Small & Medium Enterprises and Regional Innovation Japan to constitute a venture fund.

Outline of Fund

Company Name Innovative Venture Fund Investment Limited Partnership
Established 25 April 2012
Management Companies NEC Capital Solutions Limited (General Partner)
SMBC Venture Capital Co., Ltd. (General Partner)
Sponsors Organization for Small & Medium Enterprises and Regional Innovation, JAPAN (Limited Partner)
SMBC Strategic Investment Fund 1 Limited Liability Partnership (Limited Partner)
NEC Corporation (Limited Partner)
NEC Capital Solutions Limited
SMBC Venture Capital Co., Ltd.
Periods Period of Association: 12 years; Period of Investment: 7 years
Investment Targets (1) Privately held companies with businesses in fundamental technological fields relating to telecommunications, the environment, and healthcare, including electronic equipment materials and electronic equipment devices, especially businesses with the potential to produce rapid growth and groundbreaking innovation.
(2) Venture capital funds mainly targeting investment in the companies in item (1) above.

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